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"NoriPro Schedule" merupakan sebuah sistem yang dapat menampilkan daftar siaran-siaran NoriPro

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Questions on the release of the official NoriPro Schedule

We now have an official schedule website, but what will happen to this website?
We'll keep updating it as it is.
The official schedule doesn't seem have support for streams on channels outside of NoriPro, streams on BiliBili, Twitcasting, or streams on external media*1. Plus, the sorting function and localization are not available on the official one, so this site still has a reason to exist.
*1 … This is an opinion based on personal, independent research. We don't prove the actual specifications.
Were you involved in the official one?
Not at all.
For various reasons, we won't be involved this time.

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Pembaruan telah berhenti!
Situs ini tidak diperbarui secara otomatis.
Pembaruan hanya dilakukan oleh administrator dan mungkin tidak akan diperbarui jika mengalami keadaan darurat.
Beberapa siaran tidak tampil disini!
Situs ini tidak diperbarui secara otomatis.
Siaran dadakan atau siaran khusus anggota (members only) mungkin tidak didaftarkan.
Mengapa tidak diperbarui secara otomatis?
As a result of considering the function to add a new member for each distribution and the integration with BiliBili distribution API, the registration, editing and deletion of distribution information are done manually, while updating distribution status, displaying thumbnails and deleting past distribution data are done automatically.
Past schedule informations are gone!
In order to avoid server capacity pressures, the data in the schedule that's more than 2 days old is automatically deleted.
The live YouTube broadcast is on but it's not getting a red frame!
To counteract the YouTube API's frequency limitation, the status of streams are about once every 15 minutes updated at.
Note: To find out when the information displayed is current, please check out the home page.
PWA doesn't work offline!
On the home page, an add button (or "Install" button for PC) will appear on the home screen and it can add this page to homescreen. However, it does not support offline operation. Please use it as a shortcut button.
What's changed in Frontend V3?

The interface is the same as before, but each feature has been enhanced. The following are the changes:

  • Rebuilt all pages works with single page application
  • Revamped design
  • Multiple selection of talent filters
  • Improved translation experience
  • Slightly faster page loading
The Japanese typeface gets weird when the language is set to Chinese!
Chinese and Japanese character codes partially overlap and cannot coexist, so this site switches to Chinese fonts to display Chinese correctly.
So if you are viewing this site in Chinese, the Japanese characters may be distorted.
Time display is inaccurate!
The time zone is now based on your computer's settings.
If you want to change the time zone, please check your computer's settings or your browser's settings.
Zona waktu yang dipilih saat ini adalah UTC

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